Mr. C (misterc) wrote in f_em_all,
Mr. C

Congratulations to Tim McQuillan and Sean Fritz!

From the Des Moines Register's website, video of the one & only same-sex marriage yesterday in Iowa's history before the Polk County judge issued a temporary stay on his ruling until it could be argued before that state's supreme court.

You'll notice in the video that when the two men finally made their commitment legal, there was no giant lightning bolt from the heavens, the earth didn't open up & spew bats from hell, the locusts didn't suddenly start swarming, the guernseys didn't start regurgitating blood & little chunks of sky didn't start pelting the witnesses' heads. Nope...just like in Massachusetts, it was a beautiful summer morning, which turned into a beautiful summer afternoon, followed by NOT JUST any old wonderful evening in America's HEARTland for Tim & Sean, who (corny as it may sound) have begun the first day of the rest of their lives together as a legally married & hopefully always-happy Iowa couple. May they be only the first of many...

The video is here...
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