ubercub (ubercub) wrote in f_em_all,

Need Suggestions

Okay, so there's a group of guys studying in the lab where I work. One of them is wearing a maroon and white (our school colors) shirt that on the frost says "STRAIGHT PRIDE" and on the back says "HETEROSEXUALITY - PROMOTING THE HUMAN RACE SINCE THE DAWN OF TIME." I need some strategy to let him know that he's a douchebag due to his thinly-veiled attempt at being an outspoken homophobe.

Suggestions, please! I have a phone, so I can call (or at least pretend to call) my partner and say things that straight guys normally say to their girlfriends while being sure to mention his name. I also thought about saying "Hey, guys, what's up?" while looking at the guy straight in the eye. Neither of these are very satisfactory ideas. Help me out people!

P.S. - This is at Texas A&M University, and the people who wear these shirts are the people who protest the Gay Awareness Week and other GLBT events on campus.
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