Mr. C (misterc) wrote in f_em_all,
Mr. C

GAYS R OK in Utah?

Just read that a woman in Utah sent the whole state Tax Commission into a beehive tizzy (Utah is the Beehive State, get it???) because she wanted two personalized license plates that stated "GAYSROK" and "GAYRYTS" (, to honor her lesbian daughter and gay male friends. Elizabeth Solomon had to go the Utah State Tax Commission, which is apparently responsible for issuing license plates, to fight for her right to have the plates she wanted. It seems that Mormon-central believes that the mere reference to [whispers so as to not draw attention] homosexuality [we now return to normal volume] would cause widespread horror and begin the inevitable societal meltdown and obvious ensuing Apocalypse, but the administrative law judge hearing the case said that no "reasonable person would believe the terms ‘gays are OK’ and ‘gay rights’ are, themselves, offensive to good taste and decency", and said the state had to allow the plates to be made. Of course, the state has the right to appeal and, this being Orrin Hatch's old stomping grounds, I'm sure they will! Maybe Orrin, being the political god he is in Utah, will use his omnipotence to convince his buddies in SLC to call a special session of the Utah legislature to pass a law narrowly targeted to ONLY Elizabeth's case, and, once again protect the delicate sensibilities of the good heterosexual folk of Utah! Hmmmm...I wonder if a godless "activist judge" on the Utah State Tax Commmission can be impeached?
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